As The Death Toll Rises From The Coronavirus Outbreak Here Are A Few Preventive Tips For Travellers


The new coronavirus aka Wuhan virus (nCoV) has become an epidemic, taking the lives of dozens in China and thousands of people are showing signs of the fatal respiratory virus.

The flu-like virus that first broke out in Wuhan, China is rapidly spreading across borders to other countries (with confirmed cases in Europe and the US) from travellers jetting off from city to city. Also, with the Chinese New Year celebrations, people travelling in and out of the city in large groups to commemorate the occasion – is making it twice as more difficult to control the epidemic.

With the fast spread of the virus, it is super crucial that passengers heading to any part of the world practice extreme caution when in the airport or in a new/unfamiliar public space. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA), have released a list of preventive tips for travellers as well as significant symptoms to watch out for.

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The DHA has confirmed that coronavirus is a human-to-human transmissible disease, which can be spread via any form of physical contact with the infected person

Passengers are being advised to refrain from any contact with animal products or visiting animal markets until the new coronavirus epidemic is taken under control. Travellers are also urged to wash their hands regularly or to sanitize them with alcohol sterilisers.

Fever, shortness of breath and pneumonia-like traits are the main symptoms of the fast-spreading coronavirus

Dr. Dena Grayson an American medical doctor stated that symptoms of the virus are very similar to ‘influenza or a bad cold’ that jeopardizes the respiratory system

Although there are no vaccinations available for the deadly virus, patients can be treated using IV fluids to increase their immune system that can help in battling the virus out

…And cue the paranoia memes


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