IKEA UAE Has Just Done A Collab With the Designer For Off White And Louis Vuitton And The Queues Were CRAZY


The creative genius, designer, DJ and multi-creator known for revamping Louis Vuitton and his famous use of quotation marks for the brand Off White just released an exclusive collaboration with IKEA.

Fifteeen statement pieces, all of which reflect Abloh’s iconic designs, were released at IKEA stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai over the weekend.

Naturally, they were sold out immediately!



MARKERAD shook residents- who stood in line just to get their hands on the pieces!



The furniture display items are just how you’d expect them: all decked out in Virgil Abloh’s modern minimalist yet edgy ceoncepts


Eager fans of the designer queued up!

The items have sold out in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi


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