The Inspiring Stories Of The Special Olympic Champions Are All Over Twitter And It’s The BEST Thing Ever


The Special Olympics World Games 2019 has been ongoing in our neighbouring city of Abu Dhabi, and if it’s done one main thing, it is: to inspire.

SO incredible that the UAE paves the way for people of determination to be given a place in society, to do as we all do and participate. The Special Olympics has been the product of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, whose vision has helped bring together more than 7,000 athletes from across the globe to compete in a series of sports activities.

This is the first of its kind in the region and the stories that have come out of it have touched the hearts of MANY

The hashtag #MeetTheDetermined is giving name to all the uplifting athletes

Tweets being shared are nothing short of positive content, the only thing our world needs today. Seeing the strength and determination of the athletes also definitely ties in with the UAE’s Year of Tolerance.

Check out some of the inspiring stories below:

Meet Alke: the Indian bodybuilding athlete who showed persistence at the Olympics

‘Special for Alke first attempt she failed and then second she nailed it #MeetTheDetermined’

…Saudi’s first female athlete to compete on the world’s stage!

This is ONE for the history books

Emirati athlete, Abdulla Al Shamsi, who won the gold medal for a 50-metre swimming competition


Another gold medalist for the sprinting category: Hamda Al Hosani

She won the finish line in a 200-m final. You make the UAE very proud.

USA’s Garrett Ford- who lifted his way to a gold medal

Canada’s soccer team jumping for joy!



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