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Flash Entertainment On What Events Will Look Like In The Future

In this week’s episode of Dubai Works, SMASHI TV interviewed John Lickrish, CEO of Flash Entertainment.

Putting together EPIC events for Abu Dhabi and across the region since the inception of Flash Entertainment more than 10 years ago, John Lickrish, with his expert vision, has made Flash Entertainment the Middle East’s #1 leading entertainment company.

In the interview, you can hear Lickrish delving into his journey in the entertainment industry and elaborating on how his plans to kickstart the events scene in Abu Dhabi is what paved the way for the company’s growth and maturity.

The events pioneer further discussed:

  • What the business is, size/structure
  • Flash Entertainment overview
  • Current situation – COVID-19 impact, adapting, plans for the future
  • The events industry – trends and status quo

Listen here:

“Everything’s Got To Be A +”- John Lickrish, CEO, Flash Entertainment.

The capital holds some world-class events and with the importance of each function comes the HIGH standards plus expectations, to which Lickrish is no stranger to.


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“The UFC saw it as a strategic play for them because of the connection that Abu Dhabi has within media and financial investments globally.”

– 24:25 – 27:58.

During the interview, the CEO Of Flash Entertainment further revealed how an initial meeting back in 2009 compelled the UFC to this region.

Lickrish also brushes on how concertgoers being selective with the artists that they decide to spend on and watch in concert post the pandemic, will be an entire gamechanger in the future planning of events.


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