This Dubai Couple Sets The Bar For A Surprise Lockdown Wedding Anniversary


This Couple Just Set The Bar For A Surprise Lockdown Wedding Anniversary

Two years ago, Riz and Sameera got engaged with a romantic proposal that included a cinema-hall, live music and cameos from their nearest and dearest friends all to the soundtrack of Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud.

Fast forward two years and the couple celebrated their anniversary in isolation and proved you need nothing more than your imagination and some fairy lights to create a magical moment.

The 2018 proposal is still an absolute dream

And two years later, Riz proves lockdown romance is alive and kicking with a surprise anniversary shindig for the party of two

A projector replayed the memories of a lifetime on their balcony

Fairy lights and skyline views at home added to the rose-mance

“Every day with you is like 2018”

Happy two years guys!

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