National Day Is Almost Here And The Louvre Abu Dhabi Has An INCREDIBLE Discount For UAE Residents


UAE National Day 2019 happening on December 2 is a mere few days away, and to those of us who love the UAE – we know there’s no need to travel. The country has seven Emirates, with each one giving residents the luxury to experience its unique heritage, monuments and fun activities.

This is when Abu Dhabi comes in, full force, thanks to the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Louvre Abu Dhabi art and civilisation museum has National Day offers for all UAE residents, and by the looks of the activities taking place throughout winter- you definitely want to get in on this. Experience art, pop-up performances, family workshops, interactive tours and more.

Keep on reading if you’ve never been and want to take advantage of the Buy One Get One Free ticket entrance offer from November 29- December 3

First off, you and whomever else is to join you, can avail the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s special Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer for the National Day Weekend. SO from November 29- December 3, UAE residents can live it up with this offer when they head to the museum’s ticketing desk. FYI, this isn’t applicable online.

Bring your Emirates ID with you for proof that you’re a resident and BAM!

Enjoy pop-up performances by the traditional art of Bedouin Sadu

When? November 29- December 2 from 2-5 pm.

Weaving wool has never looked so interesting, and at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, they make sure to really display the process behind creating traditional artwork like this. Contemporary performances created by Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts and Loreta Bilinskaite-Monie showcasing the beautiful, yet forgotten, patterns of Sadu weaving will pop-up between the hours mentioned. Prepare to be amazed!

This is an Emirati craft every UAE resident has to witness, at least once.

Learn to weave Sadu as the Emiratis do

And if that caught your interest, well what do you know? There’s a drop-in family workshop going on from November 29 & 30 at 2pm,3pm and 4 pm. This 45-minute workshop will teach you and the kiddos how to weave Sadu like a pro, all under the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s fabulous dome.

Go on a mini interactive tour and learn a lot about all the artwork at the museum

There’s something so mystical about museums. It’s a place of beauty, preservation and appreciation of people’s history and creativity, what’s not to love? Through the mini interactive tours set-up by staff, you won’t just walk and gaze at the art, but be able to truly hear the stories behind them.

Inspire yourself and discover all the valuable artworks in the Middle East.

The tours will take place between November 29 &30 during these timings: 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm, and 4:30 pm.

Listen to enchanting stories about the wonders of the desert

Storytelling sessions will also take place on November 29 & 30 during these hours: 3 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm.

Prepare to re-tell the tales you’ll hear.

There’s a special Winter Camp with loads to do

Now that the great weather is here, it’s time for junior art lovers to venture outside, experience nature and enjoy hands-on interactive activities with the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s action-packed ‘Stay Outside’ Art Explorers‘ Winter Camp.

Whether it’s in the galleries or under the dome Louvre Abu Dhabi has children’s needs covered this winter break with fun games and inspiring outdoor workshops in mobile making, painting and storytelling.

Age Groups:

Art Explorers: Winter Camp for Children (8 – 12 years old)

Art Explorers: Winter Camp for Teenagers (13 – 16 years old)

How much?

Four-day pass

1,050 AED*

Daily pass

294 AED*

*Including VAT.

Contact The Louvre Abu Dhabi for more information:

FYI, Louvre Abu Dhabi is usually open all days except Mondays but it will remain open for the upcoming National Day.

Check them out on Instagram.


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