No-Shows At LOWE: The Resto Is Calling Out The 37 People Who Ignored Their Reservation


Such poor form by the people who simply didn’t show up for their reservations.

We know businesses both small and large are struggling to keep doors open after three quiet months. No industry was left unscathed and now is the crucial time in which we should be doing all we can to support the businesses around us.

Which is why this story will touch a nerve for many restaurant owners who have ever been in a similar position.

Food Sheikh, a foodie commentator and guardian of the resto industry in Dubai shared an update from the founder of LOWE, Kate Christou, who announced on IG stories that THIRTY SEVEN people failed to show for their reservations in one evening. LOWE is a contemporary eatery located in Wadi Al Safa 3 which is currently operating two days a week with a max of 120 guests per day due to COVID regulations.

In one day nearly a third of the guests were no-shows and were uncontactable on the day. Truly shocking behaviour.

“If you can’t honour your reservation, at the very least, let the restaurant know”

“The impact of no shows is huge”

The founder of LOWE, which is popular for experimental cooking with seasonal produce said none of the no-shows were contactable on the day and she added that, unfortunately, behaviour like this is extremely common. And not only will this selfish act by a handful of people affect revenue, it will also impact waste for the environment-conscious restaurant, which only preps food according to the number of bookings made.

“The impact of no shows is huge, especially now with restrictions in place which limit the number of guests we can accommodate. At LOWE we are currently only operating two days per week and can accommodate around 120 people per day. …When 30% of your guests don’t show up, which is what happened on Saturday not only do we lose a lot of potential revenue but we are also left with a lot of waste as we don’t open again until next Friday”. Kate Christou

Across the city, seats in restaurants are slowly starting to fill, but many eateries require pre-bookings in line with precautionary health and safety guidelines

LOWE has a waitlist. It’s that good. And as you know these spots can’t be filled last minute, it’s basic common decency to let a restaurant know if you can’t make it. A simple call will suffice, even if it’s right before you booking, the restaurant will still appreciate it. (An apology will go a long way too…)

On the positive, Kate said the response to reopening has been amazing, the restaurant is incredibly grateful for the support they have received and they are so happy to be able to welcome everyone back.

Learn more about LOWE here

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