Mariah Carey Dominates The Stage In Abu Dhabi

Mayar Ibrahim
Mariah Carey Article

Mariah Carey delivered a show last weekend that was one for the books! Picture this: glitter, glam, and more high notes than you can ever imagine. The global superstar mesmerised a packed audience during her performance
on January 6 in Saadiyat Island.

Everyone was ‘OBSESSED’ with Mariah Carey’s performance!

Mariah Carey lit up Abu Dhabi with a sold-out show, starting the night on a high note with ‘It’s Like That.’ The multi-Grammy winner took fans on a journey through hits like ‘Emotions,’ ‘Shake It Off,’ and ‘Hero,’ creating an immersive experience that went beyond a typical concert. Engaging with the audience, Mariah Carey made each moment unforgettable, leaving a lasting musical impression that echoed far beyond the final encore.

Mariah Carey performing in Abu Dhabi on January 6

There’s nothing like listening to the iconic whistle notes of Mariah Carey LIVE and more

Adding a heartwarming touch to her electrifying performance in Abu Dhabi, Mariah Carey took a moment to connect with the crowd. With a radiant smile, she shared her appreciation, declaring her love for her fans. The atmosphere turned into a sea of cheers and reciprocal affection as her personal interaction took the concert experience up to a whole new level. Hence, turning it into an intimate celebration of mutual admiration between Mariah Carey and her adoring fans in Abu Dhabi.

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