The Amazing Imagery Of A Meteorite Landing In The UAE


We kid you not.

A report from the UAE’s National Astronomy Centre states a meteorite landed in the Abu Dhabi desert last week and now experts are searching for the debris.

Meteorites are solid debris, formed from an object such as a comet or an asteroid that originates in outer space and survives passage through the atmosphere to reach the surface of a planet or moon… when it enters the atmosphere it generates energy and forms a meteor, or a fireball.

This fireball was recorded at 7.40pm on March 5

Screenshot 2019 03 11 08 44 56

And this amazing imagery was captured

Screenshot 2019 03 11 08 44 40

It appeared in the sky on Tuesday and experts believe it landed in the Abu Dhabi desert, south of Al Wathba

Moe information about the UAE National Astronomy Centre here


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