Mr. Bean Is Etisalat’s Latest Leading Man And Opinion Is Divided Over The Entire Ad


If you grew up in the UK, chances are you grew up with Mr Bean.

The TV show was named after the bumbling character played by British actor Rowan Atkinson and it was massively popular throughout the early 90’s.

People couldn’t get enough of the actor and his teddy back then and it looks like Bean is still on the mind after Etisalat got in touch with the actor for an ad about Etisalat coverage…

He played the role of Bond in the clip

And visited hard to reach UAE spots including the top of the Burj Khalifa, the Abu Dhabi desert, underwater in Fujairah and off shore…all to prove the unbeatable coverage Etisalat provides.

Many praised the ad “finally a good advertising campaign”

A reminder of the good old days

One user liked the ad, but points out that Etisalat coverage is dicey in Barsha

And another also questioned the Etisalat coverage range

But this user thinks the constant play on YouTube is OTT 

While others would rather Etisalat chose someone else

And thought it was a random choice

And this will just make you laugh…

Main image via: TW: @lm_acs


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