Over The Decades This Desert Island Transformed Into A Nature Reserve

Mayar Ibrahim

The transformation of this desert into a nature reserve is amazing!

This desert island was transformed into a nature reserve in the 1970s

So, the late Founding Father Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan founded this huge reserve in the 1970s. His Highness created a nature-based destination on Sir Bani Yas Island. Plus, the island is now the Arabian Wildlife Park and covers 1,400 hectares.

Additionally, Sir Bani Yas Island is home to thousands of free-roaming animals

The island homes more than 17,000 free-roaming large animals. There are so many species living on the island including the Arabian oryx, gazelles, giraffes, hyenas and cheetahs.

Image via Instagram @davispaul

Moreover, millions of trees and plants grow all over the nature reserve of Sir Bani Yas Island

Image via @zaidzilla

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