Noora Al Neyadi Travelled To Chad And Is Now Volunteering To Build 7 Wells

Mayar Ibrahim

Noora Al Neyadi is a UAE National and Abu Dhabi resident. She took a trip to Chad where she told the people’s story through photographs as Noora is a well-known photographer, storyteller, and anthropologist.

After her trip to Chad, Noora Al Neyadi collaborated with the Emirates Red Crescent

In Chad, it takes people a minimum of 8 hours to fetch drinkable water. So, Noora Al Neyadi and the Emirates Red Crescent began the initiative to build 7 wells in Chad. These new wells will reduce the fetching time from 8 hours to 2 hours instead.


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The talented photographer travelled to Chad in her latest expedition while Noora previously traveled to Libya, Niger, Sweden and more

Her entire Instagram feed is full of glorious photos which each tell a story.

The photo below was captioned:

“Day Life in the 🐪 Oasis- Chad: Father, son & their camel herd. Leaving the oasis before sunset.”

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