OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Dubai Says The Rumours Of Security Threats From Iran Have Been Confirmed To Be Fake


The Government Of Dubai Media Office has released a tweet to state that there is no truth to the allegations of threats to Dubai from any official source in the Iranian Government.

Following the counter strike on Wednesday morning, rumours circulated that a further US strike could provoke other regional targets, Dubai included. These threats have now been dismissed.

Despite recent tensions, there have been calls for restraint in the region to avoid future escalation. Yesterday, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo had a phone call with Abu Dhabi’s HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to that effect.

Given the proximity of neighbouring countries, incorrect conclusions can be drawn, however, residents of Dubai, private and public entities remain focussed on looking forward to what will be a very positive year for the emirate.

The media office concluded by reminding users of social media to refrain from publishing fake news.

The tweet was shared on Wednesday evening in Dubai 

The following rumours have been confirmed to be false


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