Olly From Hollaphonic Reveals The Relation Between K-Pop Bands And The Seven Dwarves


Olly Wood and Greg Stainer have made built themselves an empire within the short amount of time that the two have been working together.

From what started as a casual house hunting meet up in JBR, the everyday landlord and tenant relation evolved into Hollaphonic!! Becoming the biggest homegrown dance music duo in the region. The brit producer and DJ duo have taken East Asia by storm and have conquered Thailand, China, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and beyond. 

Olly also goes on to reveal secrets from the K-pop and J-pop world on how A FAN can decide on which band member gets to become the main face or lead of the next music video. Olly also shared a chucklesome piece on how each member of an Asian band has a unique character, kinda making them like the seven dwarves of music.

Olly described the formation of their duo as a whirlwind

A coincidental bump in at Atlantis led to their no.1 hit album four months down the line!…The universe works in mysteriousss ways y’all.


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Hollaphonic is all set to kickstart 2020 with their new tracks that are mostly devoted ’em House lovers!

Don’t miss their NYE performance at W Abu Dhabi, Yas Island.


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