Organize Your Space With These 7 Storage Units Seeing UNREAL Price Reductions


You’ve seen that Netflix show Get Organized With The Home Edit. Didn’t it make you wanna take apart your entire house and organize every room? How about that other show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

We’ve got you covered with these 6 discounted storage containers and units to get your home aesthetically pleasing again

7. This DRAGAN Bamboo Hairdryer Holder is the product you didn’t know you needed

Your hot tools never really had a designated area before this. It’s priced at AED95 after discount.

6. Simple but oh-so-beneficial! Never lose your cords again with this Orico Cable Winder Organizer

You’ll always fine your cord with this simply amazing invention that’s currently 59% off.

5. Have all your stuff handy and ready to roll into the next room with this 3-Tier Utility Rolling Cart

It’s super convenient, portable and 76% off people!

4. Divide your food into this 6-Piece Dry Storage Container Set to create a very alluring and organized pantry

The transparency will allow you to see how much food you have and the 52% off is just a blessing.

3. Organize all your fuzzy throw blankets in this beautifully Large Woken Basket

This piece can hold so much, goes with any decor and is on sale for AED67.9

2. Small bathrooms can have really inventive solutions like this 3-Tier Storage Rack

Make use of the wall space above the toilet because why not? Buy it now for only AED42.9

1. Put all your makeup products in this handy 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

Take this baby for a spin because it’s currently on sale for AED68


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