Pakistani Expat Wins AED20 Million – The Biggest Ever Jackpot Yet At The Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Draw


The lucky winner of the BIGGEST ever jackpot of the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi draw was finally announced on Friday, January 3 and the bumper jackpot amount will be having you tearing up just a little.

The popular prize draw hosted at Abu Dhabi International Airport gave away a hefty AED20 MILLION to Mohammad Hassan, a Pakistani expat living in Sharjah on Friday evening, making him a multimillionaire overnight.

During the phone call where the host, Richard rang up the lucky winner to alert him of the prize, Richard could be heard informing prizewinner and the crowd that he was the ‘biggest jackpot winner’ that the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi had ever made.

The overnight multimillionaire was initially dubious of the phone call claiming that he was the winner of the AED20 million cash prize

Mohammad Hassan from Pakistan can be heard telling the host, Richard. “Are you kidding me? I need something to trust you. This could be a prank call.”

(The AED20 million raffle draw starts from 00:48:04 of the video)

Mohammad Hassan quitting his job to go enjoy his new millionaire life like…

The previous winner of the Big Ticket draw was a Filipina expat living in Abu Dhabi who took home AED12 million.


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