Passengers Are Being Screened At The DXB Airport After The Outbreak Of The Contagious Coronavirus


ALL passengers arriving at Dubai and Abu Dhabi International airports via direct flights from the People’s Republic of China are now being screened for coronavirus (nCoV), which is a new highly infectious respiratory disease that’s already infected hundreds in China.

The UAE air transit hubs are prepped on dealing with the coronavirus outbreak by initiating a thermal screening that will be conducted by the Dubai Health Authority and its Airport Medical Centre team, this is in full compliance with the orders issued by UAE’s Civil Aviation Authority based on the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

With the looming Chinese New Year celebrations all set to take place from Friday onwards, the UAE is expecting thousands of Chinese visitors in the country. Thus, taking such precautionary measures are vital in halting the outbreak from spreading any further.

The airports have initiated the screening process for the highly contagious coronavirus in efforts to ‘ensure the health and safety’ of all travellers

After the thermal screening process, passengers will be provided with a booklet with the necessary healthcare and safety precautionary information.

Coronavirus, which is a being a human-to-human transmissible disease, has already killed 26 people and infected nearly 830 people in China

The virus has already spread across China and to Japan, Thailand and the US – resulting in an indefinite lockdown in the city of Wuhan, China on the eve of the Lunar New Year.

Travellers are being urged to avoid contact with animal products or visiting animal markets until the new coronavirus epidemic is taken under control.


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