Petrol Prices Hiked Up Again All Over The UAE This July

Mayar Ibrahim

Last night, residents of the UAE sat in anticipation for the announcement of this month’s price for petrol. People expected an increase and they were met with confirmation when Emarat made the announcement of the new prices.

Emarat announced an increase of 10% to 15% of petrol prices of July 2022

People rushed to the nearest petrol station to refill their tanks before July 1 could arrive, after the announcement was released.

@the_fatimablejournal witnessed the long queues around the corner at Al Nahda Dubai’s petrol station

These long queues are no strangers to petrol stations across the UAE. When the announcement for June 2022 petrol prices were released, the UAE saw such queues at gas stations all over the emirates.

@khaoula_aad experienced the long queues after the announcement of increase of petrol prices in Abu Dhabi


This month’s petrol prices have increased significantly since May 2022.

Here’s a breakdown of the increase:

July 2022 – Super 98: 4.63 vs. May 2022 – Super 98: Dh3.66

July 2022 – Special 95: 4.52 vs. May 2022 – Special 95: Dh3.55

July 2022 – Diesel: 4.76 vs. May 2022 – Diesel: Dh4.08

July 2022 – E-plus 91: 4.44 vs. May 2022 – E-plus 91: Dh3.48


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