A Phone-Fraud Syndicate Which Stole Resident’s Bank Details Has Been Arrested


Have you received a call from someone alleging to be your bank?

They tell you your credit cards have frozen, or they can help with your banking issues, just simply tell them your bank details and you can get started…

Well, friends, you’re not alone. A recent spate of fraud calls, whereby scammers have been duping residents to believing the bank is calling them, and then stealing their details and cash have been reported.

And this weekend, Dubai Police in collaboration with police in Abu Dhabi and Ajman nabbed a total of 29 men involved in the illegal activity.

The gang was operating in groups, from Dubai and Ajman and used cunning tactics to try and obtain a resident’s details, in some cases claiming the caller’s credit cards had frozen, and offering to help.

Once they got the details, they would immediately pilfer money from the accounts

29 men were arrested in Dubai and Ajman

Joint cooperation from Police in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman lead to the arrests.

UAE residents have been reminded to refrain from providing personal information over the phone and to be extremely vigilant if surprise ‘prizes’ are offered over telephone calls.

Dubai Police encourage anyone who’s been a victim of online fraudulent activities to report it


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