PICS: The World’s Largest Sand Desert Stretches Through Saudi And Residents Can’t Get Enough


The Rub’ al Khali or ‘Empty Quarter’ desert is the LARGEST stretch of desert in the world and luckily it also runs through Saudi Arabia.

Its sands stretch as far as 650,000 km in length- boasting a seemingly endless queue of infinite magnificence.

Don’t believe us?

Let the photos speak louder than these words.

(Image Credits: Instagram @jordhammond and @alexpenfold)

The desert runs through parts of Saudi, Oman, UAE and Yemen

It’s part of the Arabian Desert

With sands that glide smoothly between your fingers

Indeed it is as soft as it looks

…and a sense of isolation that brings peace of mind

The ‘Empty Quarter’ has reminded many of its visitors of ancient Arabia

Or a scene from Aladdin.

At night, the stars shine brighter than ever

Its terrain is enveloped with sand dunes that are 820 feet in height!

Whoah, Nelly


This is a tiny chunk of it in Abu Dhabi..

Obvs, there’s more

The one in Oman…

This region is just something else

Where else will you get to live the 1001 Arabian Nights over and over without fault?


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