Pierce Brosnan Was Spotted Filming In Dubai And You MIGHT Actually Be Able To Bump Into Him


Prepared to feel excited because Hollywood legend Pierce Brosnan, who’s currently in the UAE for work, has moved from shooting in Abu Dhabi to Dubai… and there is a definite possibility that you might be able to run into him.

The former 007 James Bond along with the rest of the crew of his new film, The Misfits, are in town to shoot some of the scenes.

Brosnan has been documenting his UAE adventure on his ‘gram keeping the fans updated about his whereabouts….

He shared an image of himself dressed in a kandura along with his new beautiful buddy ‘Chuck”

He posted another ‘gram, this time a video, where he is riding on Chuck the camel, with several cast and crew members around him

Last week, the actor was bowled over by the traditional Emirati welcome and warm hospitality he received after landing in Abu Dhabi

He even took to Instagram to share a video from Louvre Abu Dhabi, describing the museum as “a masterpiece of design”

He also shared the view from his Abu Dhabi hotel room

“A room with a view!…Abu Dhabi. Thank you all for your most gracious welcome.”

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