Incredible! The UAE Has Just Launched A Plant-Based Water Bottle


Dubai’s bottled water consumption is constantly called into question, and so like like a fairytale, an Abu Dhabi water company has come in like a knight in shining amour to do something about it.

Al Ain water we stan!

The brand just announced a ‘plant-based’ water bottle at the Gulfood exhibition and once it eventually hits supermarket shelves, you can gulp your store-bought H20 guilt-free.

The packaging (we’re talking cap, bottle AND wrap) is made using plant-based sources and the bottle is biodegradable and compost-able within 80 days. The bottles won’t be sold directly to the consumer at first, the price will be higher and there are raw material limitations, so the mass release depends on the demand of the consumer. (Read: it’s down to YOU.)

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Even the energy used to create the bottle is better for the environment

60% less energy is used in total… that’s incredible!

The Agthia Group are behind the Al Ain brand who developed the first of its kind for the region packaging in its own technology centre.

The big announcement was made at Gulfood this week.

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