Top 10 Pocket Friendly Cafés In Dubai Have Been Ranked For 2019


Paying bills and hustling ain’t easy, especially when your friends constantly pester you to eat out almost every second day and you just do not have the budget for it. You are not alone in the world of struggling adults the feeling is SUPER mutual!

Maybe replacing all the fancy shmancy eateries with these popular yet reasonably priced gems is exactly what you need for a nice, pocket friendly night out with friends and fam jam!

Presenting a broke person’s eat out guide

How did Lovin Dubai choose the final list?

  • Finalists were selected from all across Dubai
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if we’ve missed out on any must-try places across Dubai, please do let us know!
  • The brand’s social media audience and engagement were considered

10. The Choco Monarch

You can smell the rich chocolate from this chocolatier café from …Abu Dhabi probabaly. It’s located inside of the Al Ghurair Centre and the small cozy café serves EVERYTHING chocolate! From creamy brownies to stuffed crepes and soft golden waffles OMG this place is honestly LIFE.

Drooling just thinking about this.

Average Cost: AED 100 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 27 At 4 53 20 Pm

Image Credits: @foodzilladiaries

9. The Meating Room

Based in Karama the Meating room is PARADISE for all the hard-core meat lovers out there, with delsih veg and dessert options as well. This cute suburban themed café serves inventive fusion where Indian meets Asian and it really doesn’t get better than this.

Average Cost: AED 135 for two people

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8. Pappa Roti

This place will leave you humming, I like big buns and I cannot lie! With big fresh, creamy stuffed buns, you will be savoring each bite from this OG café.

Found in various locations around Dubai, the baked to perfection and buttery texture of their buns will linger in your mouth till way after you’re done with the meal. Although the café specializes in baked buns they also serve other delightful dishes that you are guaranteed to LOVE.

Average Cost: AED 75 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 At 5 26 20 Pm

Image Credits: @theeverydaybrew

7. Coffeetea Fusion Café

Away from all the hustle and bustle this café is located in Water Front Market and Al Mamzar, this sweet spot is an absolute hidden GEM! Once you go Coffeetea you can never go back.

Brilliant service and even better food, they cater to all eaters’ vegan, meat lovers, dessert lovers, overall if you’re into GOOD, quality food this place is for YOU! Take a foodies word, they do not disappoint.

Average Cost: AED 110 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 At 5 24 24 Pm

6. FiLLi Cafe

FiLLi is literally the go-to for chai and milkshakes, club sandwiches and wraps! There is a reason why FiLLi is slowly taking over Dubai and will eventually go on to take over the world with its signature Zafran chai.

Average Cost: AED 65 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 At 5 22 56 Pm

5. London Dairy Cafe & Bistro

London Dairy means MILK CAKE! Their rose milk cake is heaven on earth and a must taste for every FOODIE on this planet. The classy yet cozy interiors of the café make for a great gossiping haven for you and your squad or for a pleasant day out with the fam jam.

Average Cost: AED 140 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 At 5 21 00 Pm

4. Socialicious

Are you a fan of modern Asian food and creamy Thai and coconut curry? Well then Socialicious is a God sent from us to you.

The restaurant has beautiful intricate interiors that will surely get you in the vibe and warm comfort food that you really will NOT regret experiencing.

Unlike all the fancy diners and restos this café will make you remember the taste of real Asian food once again with their passion filled dishes full of flavor and zest.

Average Cost: AED 120 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 At 5 19 25 Pm

3. Brambles

A little healthy, a little creative, some sparkles and a whole lotta delicious – that’s Brambles for you! In the mood for some (affordable) healthy food then Brambles should be your GO-TO.

Unlike all those over-priced ‘organic’ restos that just burn a whole in your pocket by the time you’re done, this one is just rightly priced and a brekkie must – located in the happening Barsha Heights!

Average Cost: AED 120 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 At 5 17 27 Pm

2. The Acai Spot

A-kai or A-sai… always fun debating on the pronunciation of this popular fruit.

Anywaay if you’re in need of a desperate break from the everyday oily fast food and need that BALANCE back in your life then the Acai Spot will do you well. Give your body a sweet treat that is as affordable as it is nutritious for your body and soul.

Average Cost: AED 115 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 At 5 15 53 Pm

And for NUMERO UNO…Drum rolls pleasee

1. Smoqoholic Seafood Restaurant & Café

Closing off at #1 of the list is this all rounder restaurant and café that is LEGIT the ultimate hood for an affordable night out in Dubai.

The eccentric interiors build up a lively mood, and the cafe offers a variety of entertainment for its customers. From Shisha, TV, board games to live music, diners can enjoy all the amenities whilst dining from their to-die-for menu. Close your eyes and pick blindly from their menus as this café can do no wrong with their dishes.

But an experience in Smoqoholic is an experience like no other with extremely reasonable pricing.

Average Cost: AED 100 for two people

Screen Shot 2019 06 28 At 5 13 19 Pm

Image Credits: @docsterfoodster

This my friends is what you call a life HACK! Cafés that are uber-satisfactory and uber-affordable at the same time


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