Chill Out At This Iconic Gem In Abu Dhabi During The Race Weekend


Formula 1’s race weekend is but a few days away, the weekend everyone looks forward to.

The vibe throughout Formula 1 weekend is something else, everyone drives over to the neighbouring city of Abu Dhabi, some looking for the best hotels to stay at or a fun post-race hangout, or a restaurant to dine with friends.

Enter Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi, the seaside, a dim-lit venue known by all Dubai-ans and the ultimate go-to for delicious Pacific rim cuisine, a relaxed yet energetic ambience (yes, paradoxical in the best way!), with world-class cocktails and live entertainment.

Make Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi your squad’s chill-out spot

Dine and share good times with great people in a terrific atmosphere

Located in the fabulous St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi, and already with majestic and regal views of the Emirate’s waters is the Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi. In the daytime, it’s akin to a poolside, Miami feels with all the deep house music your heart could only dream of but at night, it becomes the casual, cool place to dine, engage in conversations, and sipping on grape under the moonlit sky.

Buddha-Bar is renowned worldwide for being iconic in terms of music and mixology too, after all, it’s both a bar and a restaurant.

Try the sashimi mix and a couple of sushi rolls, along with a bevvie or two and your time at this hot venue, guaranteed to be your new winter must-visit.

This is THE place to be in Abu Dhabi

Whether you’re not down for all the race hype, then here’s an inviting place to chill out for the weekend and evade all that. Otherwise, it’s also a great pre or post hangout option with your group of mates and loved ones for a quick or long bite. Revel in incredible views while bobbing your head to incredible house music infused with Middle Eastern beats.

Catch the INCREDIBLE line-up at Buddha-Bar Beach’s decks every weekend (post-race)…

DJ Ash, known in the UK and around the world, for mixing his musical style up is setting the festive vibe for the big weekend. Jam to songs of the past mixed in a way where it feels brand new. He’s set to perform on November 28 and 29 between 10 pm-2 am. If you’re into live instrument-playing, two musicians DuoViolins will also be around to set the tone of the race weekend.

DuoViolins will perform their own unique adaptations of rock, classic and modern repertoire on November 30 and December 1 from 10 pm until 2 am.

The important bits:

To reserve your spots, call +971 2 498 8888 or visit the website for more info.


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