You Can Now Report Corruption Directly To The Authorities


New App “Wajib’ Will Allow Individuals To Confidentially Report Corruption

AD’s Media Office Announced the launch of Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority’s violation reporting platform ‘Wajib’ today; A secure digital platform that allows individuals to report violations of administrative and financial corruption in the entities subject to the oversight of the device.

According to Abu Dhabi AA’s website, The new app aims to encourage and consolidate the principles of integrity, transparency, accountability and good governance practices in government and related entities in order to enhance the Emirate’s position and ensure the health of its financial and economic system.


Complete Confidentiality

Wajib encourages reporting any financial or administrative corruption violations that may affect public funds and resources, not only to investigate them, but to also prevent their occurrence.  The App will also allow individuals to confidentially report financial and administrative corruption in the emirate.

Note that, The Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority guarantees the protection and privacy of witnesses and whistleblowers under Law No. 19 of 2020, so do not hesitate to report fraud, or any instance of corruption in the workplace!

What Qualifies?

All reports of suspected financial and administrative corruption violations are taken seriously, but not all cases qualify. You may report cases of abuse of power, conflict of interest, squandering of public money, assault on the funds and property of the subject entities, manipulation of the Subject Entity’s Purchases, negligence or omission that directly results in financial harm to the Emirate etc.


How can you submit a report on Wajib?

You will be requested to provide your personal information and confirm identity by entering the secret identification code sent to your registered phone number. Once the identity is verified, you have to answer a number of questions to complete the report, so that the system records the entered information.

You have to provide as much information as possible. The form contains several mandatory questions, but the more details, the more successful the review and evaluation process will be.

*Don’t fret! The information is uploaded to the platform in strict confidence


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