Residents Have Spotted An Arabian Red Fox at Abu Dhabi’s Marina Walk


A rare fox sighting in Abu Dhabi

An Arabian fox was spotted at Abu Dhabi’s Marina by Al Reem Island residents.

The small fox was spotted prancing around Al Reem Island’s promenade and residents managed to snap a photo of the rare sighting.

In April of last year, Abu Dhabi’s Environment Agency captured a video of a rare Blandford fox along the trails of the rocky Jebel Hafeet. Which was 1 of 3 sightings of this fox species, the first being in 1999 and the second in 2019.

Wildlife is not an uncommon sight in the emirate

The emirate’s residents are no strangers to wildlife in urban areas. Whale sharks have been previously spotted a multitude of times close to shore and in the marinas. While fox sightings were a common occurrence years ago before the construction boom. So as the number of buildings on the island increased, fox sightings decreased.


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