Residents React To A Viral Video Of A Cat Crossing The Road

Mayar Ibrahim

Picture this: a cute furry four-legged animal is crossing the road… legally. Yes, you read that right! @shareefqutob captured a glorious act, a cat crossing the road in the UAE using the pedestrian cross walk.

In the video you can see the cat patiently waiting on the sidewalk for the car to stop…

Once the car stops, the driver says “Tafadali” (تَفَضَّل) meaning “Go ahead” and the cat makes it way. You can see the cat crossing the road using the pedestrian cross walk!

The best part of this video of the cat crossing the road is more than just it’s good manners… It’s also the reactions!

@priyathapa760 stated:

“Cats here are advance today one cat used elevator along with me to go on another floor I was shocked.”

While, @papasagri took a more comedic approach in his comment:

“She got mukhalfa (ticket )once only and results are here.”
So did @maitha0211:
“Everyone is scared from the fines.”
Some residents stated that this isn’t the first time they’ve witness a cat crossing the street on the pedestrian cross walk…
“I saw that the once. We were crossing the median to go to the masjid and this cat waited with everyone to cross the road and when it was ok for everyone to cross the cat moved with the crowd.”

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