Return To UFC Fight Island Has Begun And It’s A Stepping Stone Towards Amazing Things For Abu Dhabi


Putting on a major sporting event in the midst of a pandemic is no easy feat, but UFC Fight Island in Abu Dhabi did it first, and the world was watching. And now Return to UFC Fight Island is set to show the world how mega sporting events CAN be held with the highest health and safety measures!

And hats off the capital! The event successfully earned Abu Dhabi’s place on the map as a certified safe destination for sports and leisure tourism.

Setting a benchmark for international sporting events, the Return to UFC Fight Island safe zone ‘bubble’ concept was proof that international sporting events can go ahead, and earmarked Abu Dhabi as a safe, tolerant and accessible destination for tourists worldwide.

Now, just three months later, UFC Fight Island is back and Abu Dhabi is holding another major sporting event

Abu Dhabi is welcoming UFC fighters from around the world​ to a certified safe setting

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the biggest name on the upcoming scorecard as part of Dana White’s UFC. He, along with Blachowicz, Paulo Costa, Reyes and more will all undergo the strict testing and quarantine measures required to join the safe zone.

All residents of the safe zone had to undergo a period of quarantine before they were permitted to move around the dedicated facilities freely. Additionally, all on ground teams and UFC fighters are regularly tested for COVID-19.

The creation of UFC Fight Island and the return of live sports can be attributed to a collaborative Government response which has been recognised as one of the best in the world and demonstrates Abu Dhabi’s readiness to welcome visitors in a safe and secure manner.

Once commercial flights resume, Abu Dhabi is 100% ready for your visit!

From sports tourism to incredible cultural experiences, Abu Dhabi has ticked off every category in the ‘ultimate vacation’ checklist

We KNOW Abu Dhabi is a must for travellers, thanks to the combo of top quality events and business infrastructure and Arabian hospitality, and now thanks to its commitment to the highest health and safety standards, the capital is willing and ready to safely welcome visitors from all over the world.

International sporting events, cultural adventures, shopping, theme parks, leisure and beaches… The gang’s ALL HERE. This is a safe environment for FUN exploration at a time when global tourism stands on shaky grounds.

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UFC Fight Island is back in Abu Dhabi – Learn more here

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