Police Warn Residents To Not Rush Home For Iftar


As you all know Iftar starts at a certain time every day and if you’re fasting, you never wanna be late for food. Unfortunately, life happens and we can run late.

It’s important not to speed or tailgate to get to reach Iftar.

Driving violations have been reported on the first day of Ramadan due to people speeding and tailgating to catch Iftar

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Police reported that Iftar rush hour starts 2 hours before Iftar

Most people want to break their fast with families, but this has resulted in a huge number of motorists speeding across the UAE, even 2 hours before Iftar.

There have been reports of multiple minor injuries on the Ittihad Road, Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road and other major highways in Sharjah, such as in Al Wahda.

Police deployed a bigger fleet of patrols to ensure safety and smooth traffic flow across the Emirates.

It’s also worth mentioning that accidents can occur to those who are delivering Iftar to your home. It’s best to order in advance so delivery drivers don’t need to rush.


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