This Footage Of A Guy Sandboarding In Liwa Desert Is Absolutely Insane!

Mayar Ibrahim

Grab your board and ride the dunes at Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi! You’ll take on a whole new personality while riding the desert dunes. The Liwa Oasis consists of the world’s largest dunes, as they tower hundreds of metres above the plains. Strap on your sandboard and shred along the endless dunes of the desert.

@a.alb7ri posted this AWESOME video of himself sandboarding the dunes at Liwa Desert, Abu Dhabi

@a.alb7ri #ابوظبي #abudhabi #liwa #دبي #dxb #الظفره #ليوا ♬ الصوت الأصلي – Alb7ri


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