5 Ways You Can Save Money On This Brilliant Value Food Fest That’s Happening Right Now!


There’s no reason to ever go broke because of food, which is why splitting it in half seems most convenient when you’re a full-on foodie that can’t give up eating out.

Why should you?

Living in the UAE means you can access so many restaurants, new hotspots and delicious culinary gems that you wouldn’t otherwise. AND, with a two-week festival by the ENTERTAINER app, it means LOADS of savings. It’s all thanks to their 3-course, 2-for-1 offers at Food Fest 2019, happening from now until October 10, 2019, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

1. Shook! A 3-course-meal for less than AED100

Starting from AED70 for 3-course, 2-for-1 menus. You heard us right! Imagine splitting for a three-course meal per person at the fanciest restaurant you could think of.

The ENTERTAINER food fest is the FIRST of its kind in the UAE, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be taking advantage of these TWO weeks as an opportunity to eat well, while on a budget.

In true ENTERTAINER fashion, the deals are incrediiiiible.

You don’t even need to be a member of the ENTERTAINER app – just click here. But if you are, check the offers on the APP to enjoy even MORE offers exclusive to you.


2. You get to experiment on different flavours for less (or keep going to the same spot!)

The offers during Food Fest 2019 are good enough to do multiple times since the 2-for-1, 3-course offer can be redeemed up to 4 times for groups of 8 people or more; and multiple times until October 10.

You can go to the same place again, with no fear.


3. Date nights are about to get cheaper

That’s fo SHO.


4. These next TWO weeks are the perfect time to celebrate HUGE birthday gatherings

Save dat coin, sis (or bro).



5. It’s for both casual and fine dining restaurants

A surprise birthday dinner? Proposal? Budget group gathering after a long day or a work thing?

The options from participating restaurants in BOTH Dubai and Abu Dhabi are endless; there’s something for everybody.

Look at the range of options you have here.


The info you need:

So where are the offers for the ENTERTAINER food fest 2019?

Members can find the raaaaaange of places on their ENTERTAINER app’s homepage while non-members can still get the offers through this link.

You can view the menus to check out your range of choices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

OR win a 3-course menu for two by following the ENTERTAINER’s Facebook page here. 

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