Snapchat Is Rolling Out Crazy New Features Just For The Saudi National Day


Snapchat is one of the most used apps in Saudi Arabia. A few weeks ago it was reported that Saudi Arabia has the most active Snapchat users in the world.

And, now in honor of the Kingdom’s 88th National Day, the app is rolling out many new features that will be available only on the 23rd of September.

These features include a range of stickers, filters, Bitmojis and a creative lens that will all have some relation to Saudi.

They will feature national symbols, landmarks, the Saudi flag and lots of other things – all in green.

Saudi National Day Creatives

One of these filters is a Bitmoji that will display a Snapchatter’s avatar with its hands raised in front of a “Happy Saudi National Day” banner written in Arabic.

And, if you are in the UAE you can still enjoy some of these features as Snapchat will be allowing users to use an exclusive lens that gives one a crown made of leaves and will have fireworks in the backdrop.

This is not the first time that Snapchat has done something like this, earlier they released a number of creative tools including Arabic Bitmoji stickers during Eid Al Adha.


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