There’s A Partial Solar Eclipse Happening Over Dubai Right Now


It feels like a shade has been popped over the UAE this morning, and it’s due to a celestial phenomenon.

The UAE space agency reported that a solar eclipse began at 8.14am and will continue until 11.12am.

They also shared some important dos and don’ts… for example, don’t look directly at it!

Also, don’t use regular glasses, cross-polarized filters, OR use a damaged telescope to check it out. Only use glasses specially made for solar viewing, and if you want to watch the full thing without craning your neck, check out Abu Dhabi’s International Astronomical Center which is broadcasting the three-hour eclipse LIVE, right here. How cool is that?!

The view from the Lovin studio in JLT

(That’s Hala from Smashi TV reporting that latest business and tech news in the region btw!)


The view from Marina

#SolarEclipse2020 is trending worldwide

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