‘Humans Of New York’ Is Documenting The Real Stories Of Competitors At The Special Olympics


Humans of New York‘ began as a way to document the lives of humans of New York City.

The photo journal, shot and told by photographer Brandon Stanton and uploaded to Facebook, has had huge success (the Facebook page alone now has more than 18 million followers), and the stories of thousands of New Yorkers and beyond have been read by millions of people.

From a Facebook page about New Yorkers, Stanton has travelled the world; he has shared the stories of people from Pakistan, Iraq and Bangladesh and now he’s in Abu Dhabi, documenting the incredible stories of the competitors taking part in the Special Olympics World Games.

“The main theme of Special Olympics is inclusion, and that’s what these stories are all about.”

HONY is sharing the stories of amazing individuals you probably wont see in the news

“It can be hard to tell when people are being happy or being serious. You have to be very careful or they might get upset”

“Sometimes my brain processes things difficult. I just need more time. And in school everything needs to be fast. You always have to know what’s going to happen next and it can be hard to make friends”

Humans of New York will be documenting stories throughout the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi – follow here


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