PSA: Due To Heavy Fogs The Speed Limit On Abu Dhabi Roads Have Been Adjusted


Recently thick fogs have been engulfing the UAE during early mornings and thus the Abu Dhabi authorities have reduced the speed limits to 80 kilometres per hour to ensure motorists drive safely during hours of poor visibility.

On Monday, residents of Abu Dhabi received an emergency SMS alert warning them of the new speed restriction on major Abu Dhabi highways.

Many going to Abu Dhabi to celebrate their New Year’s Eve should be aware of these new speed restrictions, as the country is expecting thick fog early morning on Wednesday, January 1 aswell.

These temporary adjustments have been made on the Abu Dhabi to Dubai road

As well as the Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Road and Al Ain to Dubai Road.

Motorists are also advised to pull over to a rest area, petrol station or even the side of the road and SWITCH ON their hazard lights if the fog becomes too heavy to drive past.

Police have also urged motorists to take precautions such as leaving a 5-second gap between the car ahead of you

Also, it is advised that drivers should use low beam headlights to increase their visibility in addition to their front and rear fog lights.


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