Speed Limits Reduced On Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi authorities are reducing the speed limits on Abu Dhabi – Al Ain roads from 160KM/H to 140KM/H. This change will take place on Monday, November 14.

On November 9, Abu Dhabi Police announced they are reducing the speed limits on Abu Dhabi – Al Ain roads

From 160 kmph to 140 kmph, starting from Al Sad Bridge to Al Amera Bridge in the direction of Al Ain City. Starting from Monday, November 14, Abu Dhabi Police will implement the new speed limit.

Abu Dhabi Police urge motorists to follow the new speed limits to avoid getting fined

This warning comes in hand with the changing of the speed limits on Abu Dhabi – Al Ain roads. As the police are changing the radar’s limit to capture motorists driving at a speed over 140KM/H on November 14.

So, all motorists keep the speed limit change in mind!

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