Speed Limits Aren’t Just For Revenue Raising – They’re There To Protect Us All


The story of the tourist, renting a Lamborghini Huracan, blitzing down Sheikh Zayed Road at speeds in excess of 230kph is still at a stale-mate.

The owner of the car rental company is looking to the UK embassy to step in, the driver reportedly cannot afford the AED170,000 in speeding fines.

Added to that, Abu Dhabi has removed two 20kph speed-limit buffers on Abu Dhabi roads – which has inspired a mixed reaction.

230kph is a legal limit NOWHERE in the world

It’s terrifying to think – what could have happened to the man and surrounding vehicles if he had had to come to a quick halt, if he’d been cut off, or a tyre blown out. It would have been horrific.

This man deliberately and intentionally rented a high powered vehicle, and drove it at huge speeds – this wasn’t a touch over the speed limit, it was more than DOUBLE the legal limit.

Making it time to remind everyone – speed limits are there for everyone’s safety

They’re not there to raise revenue – regardless of the AED170,000 fines the Lambo driver has racked up.

They’re not there for leisure, or luxury – they are there, to save lives. To show drivers what the safe speed on different roads are.

Roads are analysed – with danger to pedestrians, traffic levels, likelihood of immediate stopping and stop-times all calculated to provide what is a safe speed for drivers to maintain on each road.

They’re not just for the fun of it, they’re important to note, obey and respect.


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