AED400 Tailgating Fine Also Applies To The Cars IN FRONT Who Don’t Give Way


Motorists are being warned that failure to give way to other cars could result in an AED400 fine.

The warning comes as new sensors were added to Abu Dhabi roads which can detect tailgating, and if drivers persist in defying the laws, they will face an AED400 fine and four black points.

Now, a Twitter conversation involving Dubai Police clarifies that all drivers are expected to maintain a safe distance.

AED400 tailgating fine for failure to give priority to vehicles coming from the back or the lefthand side

And drivers driving at lower speeds are urged to use the right lane.

A new tailgating system to curb pesky tailgaters is now in action

Article 84 of the Traffic Federal Law from authorities proves BOTH drivers will be at fault, and it’s up to drivers to be aware of the law.

Motorists are reminded that the left lane is the fast lane and is for over-taking only.

A Twitter thread between Dubai Police and a resident cemented the authority’s status

Not maintaining enough distance is one of the primary causes for accidents in the region


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