Tax Refunds For UAE Tourists Has Just Gotten A Lot Easier!

Mayar Ibrahim

Let’s go UAE! The United Arab Emirates Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and Planet Tax Free launched a paperless tax refunds scheme for tourists.

On September 14, the FTA and Planet Tax Free announced the new tax refunds plan for tourists

The new plan is a paperless approach which uses a digital platform combined with registered till systems. All tourists have to do is scan their passport and complete their purchase. Then their transactions are automatically shared as a digital invoice with Planet Tax Free.

After their purchase is complete, customers can also view their invoices by accessing the easy-to-view shopper portal. Additionally, this portal ensures that tourist tax-free shopping experiences are seamless, fast, and digital.

This paperless plan benefits the environment in more ways than 1

By switching to a paperless VAT-return plan, the environmental benefits are as follows:

  • The UAE will save equivalent paper to 16,800 trees per year
  • A reduction of toner consumption by 6,500 cartridges
  • The country will save 4,224 tones of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Lastly, they will reduce national resources used in paper manufacturing. This includes 5.52 million litres of water and 32,500 kWh of energy.


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