Team Angel Wolf Are Taking On A Massive Challenge This Week And There Are Lots Of Ways You Can Get Involved


There’s five days left until the inspiring Team Angel Wolf has to embark on a new challenge: to complete a triathlon along the seven Emirates in seven days.

Team Angel Wolf is formed by members of the Watson family, that runs or joins triathlons and marathons within the Dubai community to raise awareness on the inclusion of people with disabilities (or person of determination, rather) in fitness activities.

Since then, the team has been involved in an ever-changing community, giving children of determination the chance to partake in fun fitness activities that not only spread the word but truly inspire people.

They need your help (yes you!)

To complete the #TriWithRio feat means a lot of volunteers will be vital in making this a success.

Even something as simple as sharing it on social media to help make the challenge go viral will mean you are a participant in this beautiful, growing community of compassionate people.

Ways you can help

  • Those helping will need their own transportation; while spaces in shared hotel room spaces will be available to those who want to volunteer for more than one day (remember, there’s 7.)
  • You can simply join in on the challenge by being part of the last km in the swim, bike, run and walking categories.
  • Financial sponsorship: this will allow the team to create the story
  • A bike mechanic can help by helping with the assistance at set up to check the equipment
  • PR peeps can help make the story go viral
  • Someone to handle the team’s social media account on some or all days
  • Three daily helpers: set-up, pack equipments or help the family out on errands
  • Photographers & Videographers, again helping narrate the story

If you feel you can do any of the above and want to help achieve something great, here are the deets:

If you can help, please contact Nick on or call 055 9981000


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