The Highest Temperature Recorded Over The Country Today Is 50.9°C In Abu Dhabi


The temperature has been steadily rising in the UAE and residents have been sharing the temp from their cars. The numbers alone will have you sweating. We all knew that living in the UAE, we’d mostly be living like it’s the summer all year long but we like to be shocked every time.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) revealed the highest recorded temperature in the UAE today was a whopping 50.9°C in Abu Dhabi

The temperature readings recorded 50.9°C in Bada Dafas in Al Dhafrah area, Abu Dhabi at 3PM

We’re used to seeing the temperatures soar in the Emirate of Al Ain or in desert areas. In mid-June, the highest recorded temperature was in Liwa desert, over three hours from Dubai. The temperature was 49.1°C at 3.30pm.

NCM also stated that the maximum relative humidity could go up to 75% and the weather conditions will remain hot. The rest of the week are expected to be the same but with a slight decrease on Friday. That’s good news right?

You know when the weather app says the temperature is around 41°C but the “feels like” says its 50°C? UAE residents can relate all too well.

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