The Number Of Hotels Mincing Their Brunch Leftovers To Feed Stray Animals Is Rising By The Week


The news that an Abu Dhabi hotel was putting its brunch leftovers to good use spread like wildfire.

Chef J Gourmet, an Emirati chef, Springbok Butchery, Catering UAE, the Fairmont Hotel Abu Dhabi team, and Animal Action UAE teamed up at the beginning of the month to trial a new initiative, where they minced the food leftover at Friday brunch and took it to an animal shelter in Abu Dhabi.

And in the weeks since, the number of hotels which have taken action has grown to three. Chef J Gourmet, one of the drivers behind the cause said that the more awareness, the more involvement, the better…

“The more likes and shares we get, the more awareness we will get – the more hotels will join our cause, the more event companies will join our cause, and the more restaurants will join our cause.” – Chef J Gourmet

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The Grand Millennium Al Wahda is supporting the cause

Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi are on board now too!

“One week has passed and we have doubled in size. We can all be proud for many reasons today – not only were our Fairmont Bab Al Bahr andCrowne Plaza Abu Dhabi brunch left over missions a great success, and not only did we manage to feed injured and stray animals with the guidance of Animal Action UAE and Australian Vet Abu Dhabi, but we as a community have set everything a side and come together as one. It is an astonishing feeling to see rivals become partners and join as one for the betterment of ourselves and the furry friends we share a home with. Please like and share this post so we can bring more hotels, event companies, restaurants, etc. to join our cause and bring more attention to The Doggy Bag Initiative UAE and what we stand for.” Chef J Gourmet


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