The UAE Condemns Storming And Vandalisation At Jordanian Ambassador’s Residence In Sudan


The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) issued a statement emphasizing the significance of safeguarding diplomatic buildings and the residences of embassy staff after an incident occurred yesterday.

The UAE has expressed its strong condemnation of the recent incident involving the storming and vandalisation of the residence of the ambassador of Jordan in Khartoum

Ambassador Saed Radaideh and his embassy staff were at Port Sudan at the time and thankfully no one was harmed during the attack.

In addition to condemning the criminal acts, the UAE’s MoFA called for intensified efforts to achieve a ceasefire, a return to the political framework, and meaningful dialogue in Sudan

Recognizing the importance of a stable and secure Sudan, the Ministry emphasized the need to advance the transitional phase and work towards the desired political stability and security in the country.

The UAE’s strong condemnation of the storming and vandalization in Khartoum reflects its commitment to upholding these principles and ensuring the safety of all diplomats.


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