The UAE Is Reuniting Families Evacuating From Sudan

Mayar Ibrahim

On April 15, conflict broke out in Sudan between The Sudanese armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces. This ongoing conflict between the two militia forces resulted in the death of at least 427 people and put a stop to many essential services.

Thousands of people fled the country since the fighting started. Moreover, Western and Arab nations are evacuating their citizens and other nationals amidst the war.

The UAE sent 3 planes to Sudan to evacuate diplomats, nationals, women, children, and more

On April 29, the UAE evacuated its citizens, other nationalities and humanitarian cases. They evacuated around 128 people of UAE, British, and US nationality by plane from Sudan to Abu Dhabi.

The 2nd evacuation plane landed in Abu Dhabi on April 30. The evacuees on this plane consisted of 136 people. Ranging from UAE citizens, diplomats and nationals from 9 other countries. As well as vulnerable groups of the sick, children, the elderly and women.

Additionally, the 3rd plane landed in Abu Dhabi on May 2 and it carried 126 nationals from 5 countries.

The UAE continues the process of prioritising the evacuation of the most vulnerable. This includes children, the sick, the elderly and women. Also, the UAE will host and provide them with all necessary support and assistance prior to their safe transfer to their home countries.

Watch families reunite with their loved ones as they get off the Sudan evacuation planes in Abu Dhabi:

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