15 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi When You Want A Break From Dubai On The Weekends


What’s not to love about our older, next-door Emirate Abu Dhabi?

Aside from being a short drive away from the city, it is an ever-growing, developing an area of its own that boasts the pride of how far the UAE has come.

If you and your pals have run out of things to do in Dubai (although a rarity), plan a road trip to AD and pick from these fun options of activities that’ll guarantee a refresh of the mind along with some good shawarmas to nibble on.

1. Visit the recently-opened Qasr Al Watan (Palace of the Nation)

This spectacular beauts is a tribute to the region’s culture and its peoples’ creativity, which has opened on to the public on March 11, Monday.

Don’t miss seeing (and taking photos) of this stunning Aladdin-esque palace come-to-life.

2. Be amazed by the beauty of Sheikh Zayed Mosque

There’s TRULY nothing like it, pristine exterior and the most serene atmosphere.

3. Stay anywhere in the legendary Rub Al Khali desert

Known as the largest continuous sand desert in the world, taking up in a third of the Arabian Peninsula. This desert is so vastly stretched that parts of it reach Saudi Arabia, Yemen and lucky for us, Abu Dhabi.

So why not glamp it up in the middle of the desert in style?

Here’s a shot of the amazing oasis night view at Anantara. Tell me that isn’t breathtaking.

4. Kayak the mangroves

Live your ‘The Notebook’ scene out, whether alone or with bae.

Most tour guides/ or groups that drive you out to the best waters will charge an approximate rate of AED160 per adult.

5. Obviously, wild out at Ferrari World (at least once)

…while you’re out there, don’t forget to try out the Formulla Rossa rollercoaster.

It goes with a speed of 240km/h!

6. Take a stroll down the corniche

Take in the sound of nature, the seaside and chirping birds accompanied with a cup of karak because it’s AD.

7. Spend an afternoon in the desert for the full view (and a fantabulous photo-op)

Dune buggying, BBQs and some Carrie Bradshaw and her friends moment

8. Experience a dhow ride in the most traditional way

Although some were built in modern times, there’s absolutely no denying the immense gorgeousness of these traditional boats.

9. Don’t leave the city without trying some Emirati cuisine

Al Fanar resto is a great modern place infused with elements of old Arab homes for that truly local feel.

Have some rice and meat dish, with a cold soda and end with luqaymat and chai.


10. Visit the horsies at Ghantoot Polo

The best part is it’s not too deep into Abu Dhabi, so the drive from DXB won’t be as bad.

Or keep up with their social media profiles, so you know when to attend a polo match.

11. Go on a Friday food-for-all at Ponderosa

Hamid Center is home to the OG Ponderosa of Abu Dhabi, wherein you get to eat-all-you-can for less than AED100.

This is one for the nostalgia (UAE-born and raised peeps will know)

It may not be gourmet, but by golly, it hits the spot.

12. Have karak at the port

…and while you’re at it, stock up on your fruits and veggies too.

13. Marvel at the Louvre’s impeccable artwork

Wow yourself at the sights of the world’s renowned works of art by International and classic artists.

Spend 2-3 hours just strolling through the architecture of this beauts

14. Go on an Abu Dhabi safari

We’re sure many of you have gone on the famous Dubai safaris- complete with the tanoura and belly-dancing shows, but AD has its very own take on the safari too.

Get on this LEVEL: there’s a 5-hour desert safari that’ll take you on a FAB dune bash, camel rides, with the Emirati BBQ, a show and nothing but the starts up above.

15. Try mini-golfing for AED55

AED55 per person for a mini-golf sesh at Tee and Putt inside Dalma Mall is a great fun way to spend the weekend with family.

There’s loads of other things to do at this mall in Mussafah, that’s open between 10am-10pm daily.


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