This AMAZING App Will Give You 50% OFF On Your Supermarket Needs!


It’s back to school season again, but who said that’s only for kids??? This app is celebrating the re-opening of schools with major deals on more than 500 of your favorite products, up to 50% OFF! And guess what, you get to shop without even moving a muscle, nothing is impossible- especially when you live in the most magnificent city in the world.

Here are a few ways to make you shop like a kid again with the Back to School campaign on InstaShop:

1. Order your groceries and pack your lunch in peace (remember the old days when you had your school lunch pre-packed? YEAP!)

Introducing InstaShop – your ultimate buddy, the best friend you never thought you needed. It’s the delivery app of dreams that has partnered with many grocery stores around Dubai AND Abu Dhabi and delivers in an hour (OR even less).

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Going to the grocery store is already a task on its own, let alone the parking hunt that could reach out to 30 mins and let’s not mention waiting in queues at the supermarket checkout. How ’bout ordering your grocery items an hour before you need them delivered instead? Problem solved.

2. Be a couch potato. You deserve it.

Being an adult is hard work, after all, and InstaShop understands the ‘time’ dilemma for most of the city’s residents.

In the wise words of Hannah Montana, “Chill it out, take it slow..”

Spend more time with family and friends and less time doing what can be done from the comfort of your baggy sweats and phone. Want that ice-cream? Order it, your favorite Magnum is 30% off this week by the way. Need a new detergent for your laundry duties? Sorted too, get your Persil 20% off on the Back to School campaign.

3. Never wake up alarmed for lack of coffee

Can’t think of anything worse than waking up and having NO coffee beans to start your day? Sayonara to those dilemmas sis (or bro).

InstaShop is da one-stop-shop: the app’s list of MANY groceries also gives you options for different coffee brands but if you launch the app before September 7th you can get your Nescafe 25% off.

4. Read a book, binge on your Netflix show or sleep off instead of wasting that extra HOUR away

An hour a day keeps the doctor away, people! Self-love is what it’s ALL about. Although an hour may not seem like much, it’s enough to get you through a couple of pages of your fave book or a new episode of a Netflix show.

And lucky you – there’s an up to 50% DISCOUNT on all your grocery needs!

No supermarket will bargain with you in Dubai but InstaShop has just cut your budget in almost half, thanks to they’re AWESOME ‘Back To School’ promo, with deals on more than 500 products, from snacks to personal care and household products!

YAYYY! This deal kicks off on August 29 until September 7 so hurry up!

T&Cs do apply: The ‘Back to School’ discount applies to Dubai and Abu Dhabi InstaShop users for selected stored with the InstaPoints red badge.
This offer is valid from August 29 to September 7, 2019 (or until stocks last!)

Download the app NOW

Available on iOS and Google Play. 

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