This Is An Appreciation Post For The Kind And Generous People Of The UAE


Superheros of society – we see YOU!

Earlier today, Lovin Dubai posted a video of a restaurant that was willing to serve a customer even if they were unable to pay.

This generous initiative by Pak Jinnah restaurant in International City was highly praised by Dubai folks. People took to the comments to share their approval and applaud the restaurant.

Immediately, similar stories were shared with Lovin Dubai. Baithak restaurant in Ajman offers the same initiative – free food to anyone who has no money.

Via IG @hassamhassan

Another kindness: a laundry that offers free services to the needy. This is truly admirable.

Via IG @mhsidd2k

This is an appreciation to all the generous and kind people of the UAE, whose selflessness goes a long way in making this one of the best societies in the world.

Kudos to these amazing people and their generous initiatives!



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