This New ‘Pet Taxi’ Service Is JUST What Pet Parents In The UAE NEEDED!


YES, FINALLY! A taxi service that caters to our beloved furballs in the UAE is here.

Enter: Chauf-fur. This chauffeur service for your pets can be used anytime, at any location across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the northern emirates. You, your pet and your luggage can all travel together in one vehicle now. PAW-5!🐾

So we’re talking:

Emergencies? Sorted!

Airport pickup and dropoffs? Sorted!

Trips to the vet? Sorted!

Trips to the beach? SORTED!

And the best part? Chauf-fur is okay with ALL pets, regardless of breed or size are welcome. So long as they fit in the van!

Chauf-fur is the UAE’S first licensed pet taxi that operates 24/7


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The days of sneaking your pets around in cabs are OVER fam!

For bookings or more deets, click here

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