Tom Cruise Mentioned Abu Dhabi In A Tweet And Fans Cannot Remain Calm


Tom Cruise, if you’re trying to tease us UAE folk, please give up right now…

Because judging from the response to your latest tweets, your Twitter fans cannot deal.

Cruise (whose antics on the side of the Burj Khalifa for a Mission Impossible scene in 2010 are impossible to forget) was spotted in Dubai this month and he’s now in Abu Dhabi finishing up filming for Mission Impossible: Fallout…

First, Cruise tweeted that he’s in Abu Dhabi and confirmed he’s shooting a movie here

And the response is what you’d expect

But this teaser is all everyone’s really talking about…

Filming for Mission Impossible: Fallout is nearly done and dusted, but what they’re shooting in Abu Dhabi still remains a mystery

Are you setting us for something epic, Tom????

Yup, just take it

Like other stunts, this one looks equally insane

Most people are in shock and awe

Or realistic…

The basic feeling


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