Here Are The Top Apps For Muslims To Have On Your Phone During Ramadan According To Twitter


Ramadan TV series have been a thing for decades.

But more recently our eyes are glued to our phone screens more so than the TV screens, and if you’re finding the hours passing super slowly, particularly during the first couple of days of Ramadan, then having apps that pass the time effectively (and get you the accurate low-down on prayer times) are a life-line RN.

Emkwan, a Abu Dhabi-based tech and lifestyle creator put the question to the people: What are your top five apps right now, particularly for Muslims during the Holy Month. And here are the most popular, according to the people…

The essentials

He meant Ramadan friendly apps…

And more suggestions have been rolling in

Muslim Pro is the most popular Muslim app, regarded as the most accurate for prayer times

IS it still a thing?!

You only need one according to this user

The 5 apps you need…

An in-depth response

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